Eye Of The Sacred Wind


John Otis
Cheryl Hyland


"The purpose for the work of the Foundation is to encourage you to discover, to know, and then to be the Real You. By example, one then makes a statement in life that is seen and observed by others who then in their own way are motivated along their own unique pathway of awakening."

John Otis and Cheryl Hyland of the "Eye Of The Sacred Wind Foundation" present the "Lessons From The Soul" channelings through their newsletter and on their website. The information on their website is accompanied by beautiful and fitting imagery.


The Christ In Christmas

Dare To Imagine

Do Not Become Attached To Interdimensional Communication


Journey Of The Soul

Light Body

Open Your Inner Eye

Right Where You Are Is Holy Ground

Spherical Thinking

The Infinite Pathway




Ascension Love Spirituality

Ascension Love Spirituality

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