Never again say, "I knew I should have"


Meditation means never having to say, "I knew I should have."

Regular, daily meditation practice enhances your intuition to
the point where it completely supports you in every activity.

Clear intuition is an uncluttered sense of insight which helps
you to see what needs to be achieved next. It also makes it
clear how best to achieve each task.

Intuition also brings freedom from fear. Fear is the polar
opposite of spiritual peace and wisdom. Fear is fed to us
every day via television news programs which seek the
sensational as entertainment. It is not often that you see
stories on the news which inspire you with joy, inner
strength and a sense of greater freedom.

You may have already made a decision to ignore negative news
programs. By using the Internet as your news source, you can
keep in touch with stories which might be helpful, while
filtering out fear-based junk news. You can make your Home
page one which lists just the titles of top news stories., for example, does this in an unobtrusive way.
Whenever you see a news item which looks useful or
educational, then the details are just a mouse click away.

You could also opt for an inspiring Home page on your web
browser, such as the Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA at:

When circumstances become adverse enough to play on your
sense of fear, you really value a sense of inner strength
and balance. It is then that the benefits of daily meditation
practice pay off with unexpected dividends.

If you were faced, for example, with an incoming hurricane,
a wild fire or torrential rains which could turn into
devastating floods, where would you turn? News stations will
give you more information, but, just like fiction authors,
they feel duty-bound to wrap a sense of fear around their
stories so that they become more sensational.

So, where can you turn? Where is your reliable source of
guidance? What can tell you the best course of action for
your particular situation? That's when you need a clear sense
of intuitive insight the most. If you practice meditation
daily, you will develop a clear and balanced link with your
inner self. Freedom from fear is actually just a side-benefit
of having a developed inner connection.

We are here to transform ourselves and the planet spiritually.
That transformation comes quickly when you connect regularly
with your inner self.

Owen Waters




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