New Light on the Chakras


We live in an invisible sea of consciousness or mind
substance, an atmosphere of thoughts and their associated
feelings. Each one of us receives mind substance from the
environment. We process it through our own consciousness
and then transmit it back into the collective unconscious,
the atmosphere of the global mind.

In this way, our contribution to world consciousness is
automatic. As you think and feel, so you affect the global
mind in your own way.

Traditionally, the seven major chakras are viewed from the
front of the body. They appear as doorways of consciousness,
located just in front of the physical body. Each chakra is a
spinning vortex of etheric energy which channels its own
specific frequency band of consciousness to or from the
local environment.

From the base of the spine upwards, these are the traditional
names of seven major chakras:

1. Root chakra (base of the spine)
2. Sex chakra
3. Solar plexus chakra
4. Heart chakra
5. Throat chakra
6. Third eye chakra (forehead)
7. Crown chakra (above the head)

The root, sex and then the solar plexus chakras are activated
as children grow into adulthood. Having reached adulthood, many
people go on to activate their heart chakras and some venture
into the realm of the throat chakra, especially during

The functions of the chakras are as follows:

1. Instinctual. The root chakra prepares vitality, or life
energy, for the chakras above it. It provides the base
frequency of human existence including the instinct for

2. Emotional. The sex chakra powers the basic emotions and
passions of human life.

3. Intellectual. The solar plexus chakra is used in the
development of intellect or mental ability in a linear
direction. Examples of thought expressed as linear
intellect include the performing of arithmetic and the
operating of machinery.

4. Holistic. The heart chakra is developed as issues of
separation are resolved and integrated. Mind, body & spirit
are seen as facets of a human being with integrity or

5. Creative. The throat chakra's function is creativity.
It is capable of inspiring the imagination to create new
ideas, inventions and works of art. Most scientific thinking
today is still in its early, linear phase. With the addition
of imagination, science will enter a phase of great expansion
where it will solve many mysteries of the universe.
The further development of the throat chakra results in
gaining the power of conscious creation, the ability to
consciously transform your reality.

6. Spiritual. The third eye chakra is the home frequency of
your soul family. While a person's closest soul mates can be
usually counted on the fingers of two hands, soul families are
much larger. They are extended, related groups of, typically,
2,000 individuals. When you feel a yearning for your true
spiritual home, you are remembering your connection to this
level of consciousness. In the cycle of reincarnation, it is
to this frequency of consciousness that you ultimately ascend
in spirit before planning your next physical incarnation.

7. Universal. The crown chakra is your connection to the
universe on a cosmic scale. Its complete activation brings
the ultimate state of human achievement and enlightenment,
that of cosmic consciousness.

You can call the chakras by their physical position, like
solar plexus, or by their function, like intellectual.
The choice is yours. Their names, by function, are: 

1. Instinctual chakra (root)
2. Emotional chakra (sex)
3. Intellectual chakra (solar plexus)
4. Holistic chakra (heart)
5. Creative chakra (throat)
6. Spiritual chakra (third eye)
7. Universal chakra (crown)

Owen Waters




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