The Death of Metaphysics


Can something as profound as metaphysics reach a point where
it will cease to exist?

To answer that, you have to understand the definition of the
word metaphysics. It means 'beyond physics,' i.e. 'beyond the
study of the phenomena of nature.'

Saying that metaphysics is beyond the study of nature
suggests something supernatural. However, as nothing can
exist outside of the Creation, then nothing is beyond being
natural. Supernatural, therefore, is a word that contradicts

'Supernatural' is an oxymoron, just like 'an exact estimate,'
'clean dirt,' 'fresh frozen,' and 'a definite maybe.' How
can anything in Creation be beyond the natural? More likely,
it is something beyond the understanding of physicists
because it is too subtle to be included in today's physics.

Let's drop the use of the word supernatural. 'Supernatural'
implies that some things are permanently beyond our
understanding and, in the New Reality, that attitude just
doesn't make it any more. If something exists, it can be
understood. The first step is to admit that it does exist.

For example, there is overwhelming evidence to support the
idea that the human aura exists. The human aura is an envelope
of etheric energy surrounding the physical body. While only
clairvoyants can currently see the human aura, what will
happen when a device is invented which allows the aura to be
displayed on a physical monitor screen? One thing that will
happen, is a boost in our ability to diagnose health
conditions before they can physically manifest and cause
real damage.

The study of etheric energy is in its infancy today. Etheric
energy is life energy, an energy more subtle than
electromagnetic energy. While electromagnetic energy deals
directly with the physical world, etheric energy is
pre-physical. Clairvoyants can see it, and people in the
spirit world can see it, as etheric light. Most physical
humans do not see it at the present time, although we do
have the potential ability to do so by developing our
in-built, subtle senses.

Research into etheric energy today is in its infancy.
Remember that electrical energy, in the early 1800s, was
still a mere curiosity of scientific pioneers. Electricity,
it was said, could be felt from an electric eel, it could be
seen in the sky as lightning, and observed in biology as the
force which moves muscles.

When the Leyden jar, a device for storing a small charge of
static electricity, was invented, the door was opened to more
research into electricity. Then, with Volta's invention of
the chemical battery and its ability to produce a controlled
current, laboratory experiments became much easier to perform.

It wasn't long before there were instruments to measure
voltage, current and resistance. Then, Faraday's inventions
of the electric motor and the electric generator opened the
way for electricity becoming the new motive power in the
Industrial Revolution, largely replacing steam as a working

Today's challenges to physics, and metaphysics, are etheric
energy and consciousness. Etheric energy research will yield
machines which diagnose and heal automatically. It will also
produce, among countless other benefits, the means to affect
and control the weather. Rain dances are not superstition, by
the way, they are conscious attempts to alter the balance of
etheric energy in the vicinity, which automatically affects
the weather conditions. Etheric energy devices can also
achieve that same effect.

Rain-making, etheric energy devices have already succeeded
in some basic experiments by Trevor Constable. When he served
on merchant marine ships, he would secure his experimental,
etheric energy projector tubes to the deck of the ship. The
passage of the ship through water continuously recharged the
ship with etheric energy. His projector tubes directed some of
that energy towards the sky ahead of the ship. Within
15 minutes rain would appear - on a fine day, around the ship,
and nowhere else!

The study of consciousness will also expand physics, which is
just beginning to recognize the role of consciousness in
subatomic behavior. Subatomic particles are displaying signs
of consciousness, and this is happening under controlled
laboratory conditions. This is leading to the realization
that the universe, and everything in it, must be conscious.
In other words, the universe must be one big, fully aware,
inter-connected, Infinite Being.

The boundaries between physics and metaphysics will blur as
the study of consciousness becomes their common ground.
Physics will find that it has to expand and become something
more all-encompassing than it has been to date. The big
turning point will occur when physics grows to include a
philosophy of Creational consciousness. When it adopts the
habit of asking the question, "How did the Creator's
consciousness achieve that?" then it will be on the fast track
to its greatest discoveries ever.

Physics, the study of nature, will grow to include everything
in nature. When that day comes, there will be no metaphysics
because metaphysics will have become a part of the new,
expanded physics.

The unknown will have become the known, and our appreciation
of the works of the Creator will have grown along with this
expanded knowledge.

Owen Waters




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