Creating Stress-free Families


Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with this small group here this night, a group that has known each other from lifetime to lifetime since the very beginning of time. There is much happening with the energies at this time, there is much love… human kindness is overflowing with love, freedom and joy.

The healers of the world know one another. In the west people who are gifted have suffered deeply at the hands of those without gifts; your gifts are your sensitivity, love, warmth and your loving hearts. For those of you who have been on the Spiritual path for many years Spirit is opening the way to make this journey to the other side easier… to caress you with power, love and joy. You have all suffered at the hands of the archetypal masculine energy in the west over the last 400 to 500 years; as the west increases its power your power is marginalized… that marginalization is over, the west is virtually over. The west has much power and understanding of world economics, it virtually controls the globe but it does not control the hearts and the minds of the people who subscribe to the system. There is no Spirit, no soul in the west yet the west is reawakening, the people of the west are becoming very aware of the disillusionment in their lives. When a person becomes disillusioned that means they are awake, they are feeling their feelings and they are being within themselves.

The west has offered the world a great deal… technology, a new way of living. In order to do this those who led the people of the west had to disconnect the people from their own Spirit, and in the beginning they knew what they were doing. Now, in this fourth year of this new millennium there is a great hunger for power… power over, not power with. The leaders of the west want more and more. There are good people in politics and religion… true politics and true power is about love, not about overpowering. Politics is the masculine domain in the west and the masculine has controlled the west for almost 2,000 years… the masculine being everything that is known and those that operate through science. The people of the west are being led into oblivion; they’re being led up the garden path. Where there is no soulfulness there is no love and no joy. By the west we mean Europe and the United States of America and Canada; these are the nations we look to for guidance for the way forward through this human meleé but the truth is it is these very countries and this way of life that has led the world into such disarray, disappointment and disillusionment. Young men in general have no real father figure to look up to. The leader of a nation should be a father figure to look up to but the truth of the west is the father figure barely exists.

The father is a very important aspect of any person’s life, male or female. The father holds the energy of the family, protects the family and holds the family in security. The father energy looks after the children of the family in a very different way to the mother. If you look at nature, at the way birds look after their young, the mother is always with the chicks. The father especially in the younger formative days goes out looking for food and brings it to the mother for her to feed on and then to regurgitate to feed the chicks. This analogy should be looked at for human life. The father figure has been totally diminished in the west. It is fine for the politicians to have the power, it is fine for the church to have the power but the average man in the street is not taught power and is not taught how to love as a man. For men this disillusionment and disappointment has become a fact of life. Many powerful men become powerful at the expense of their families; they provide the most beautiful homes in the best of suburbs for them to live but by making their living they forget the emotional needs of their families. A man should be there to support the needs of his wife or the mother of his children, not only in financial or material ways but emotional ways. A man has a capacity for far greater emotional support in general than a woman, purely by the physical strength of his own body.

In today’s world it is women who command the world of emotion and this is a realm where men feel completely helpless and hopeless; this is the average man… there are soft, gentle men who revel in the emotional realms but just do not make it in the material world. A man must embody both these energies; both the energy and success in the material world and a true understanding on a cellular level of the emotional realm. Over the last 2,000 years men have been disconnected from the emotional world. When a man is in charge of his own emotions through life experience and processing of his childhood and parenting he becomes very strong and powerful. In general terms a woman cannot embrace such emotional and mental power purely because her body is not as strong as that of a man. The body contains and holds these energies in place. The beauty of it is that women have completely different strengths so there should be no competition between man and woman… there should be a true embrace. A woman’s strengths lie in nurturing; a woman has a completely different wisdom to a man and a far deeper connection to the Divine.

When a man and woman are in a relationship together and the strengths of the man and woman are being embraced; the unknown embracing the known and the known unravelling and manifesting the unknown, it becomes a gentle charge, a gentle stirring in the relationship. As a man and woman work together in the true relationship, truly embracing each other as a man and a woman they will find a deep, true and meaningful love. When a man has this love in his heart he will not need his wife to go out to work and his wife will not need to work. That man will be creating so much energy that it will be manifesting abundance. We are very careful in our language this night because we know this is a very sensitive subject and we specifically use the word “need” for if a woman should want to work then that’s how it should be, but first of all needs must be met. In a relationship men must have their own needs met and women must have theirs’… there is a centre-line, a line where needs can only manifest in a relationship if there is a true understanding of man and woman… when a man can truly embrace a woman as his equal and when a woman can truly embrace her man as her equal… when the woman understands her strengths and her weaknesses and a man understands his strengths and his weaknesses… where the man and the woman in the relationship are both understanding and accepting of each others’ strengths and weaknesses and can also detach from this scenario… by detaching we mean there is no emotional involvement but there is a true understanding of a man’s strengths and weaknesses and a woman’s strengths and weaknesses… where the man and the woman are both prepared to take responsibility for their role in the relationship. This will generate energy like you can hardly believe; if this energy in the relationship is handled correctly it will propel you into completely different levels of consciousness and understanding.

As we look down on this planet this night we see so much woundedness and many disharmonies in human relations. If you were to live your truth you would glow like an electric light bulb… it is in mass consciousness that men and women cannot live in harmony on this earth together and it is time to learn and understand that if a woman supports her man and he supports his woman that the energy will be there for both the husband and wife to live their dreams. In general terms dreams are lived by the individual… in general terms a man will find a woman and a woman will find a man to relate to with similar dreams… this is not always necessary and this is often a challenge for relationships.

Your sexual needs often differ… there is such a quandary on the earth plane about sex and there need be no quandary. Sex has become a source of great emotional pain and manipulation on an individual level and en masse. One of the worst things you can do in a relationship is to try to posses your partner. If you take a look at a magnet you will see that if the positive and negative pulls together they will stick together and magnetize and if the like poles face one another they will repel… it is for a woman to bring her feminine energy and the man to bring his masculine energy to the relationship. Men and women have both masculine and feminine energies. In a direct relationship with a man and woman, if a woman brings the masculine to face the masculine then there can only be repulsion or should a man bring his feminine side to a woman there can only be disgust and a feeling of being let down. It is for a man to be in his masculine energy close to his wife in a relationship and for a woman to be in her feminine in the relationship. This will generate energy, an energy with such force that it is hardly if it all known on this earth plane and definitely not in the west at this time! In the west a man hardly knows his masculine from his feminine and a woman hardly knows her feminine from her masculine… it is time to learn where your power lies. A man’s power lies in his masculine and a woman’s lies in her feminine… in many circumstances a woman is allowed to operate with her masculine energy and feel good about it… but feeling good and feeling comfortable are two different things. The exertion of male energy will bring a feeling of good… if it goes on for too long a period in a woman however she will begin to feel drained and will lose her sense of identity. Due to the social conditioning on this planet most women operate out of the masculine, in the workplace and in the family home, due to the impotency of western men.

We are not advocating that a woman should be weak… we are advocating that she should be feminine, potent and powerful. When a woman’s energy supports her man he will feel that energy and feel energized. We understand that this will create a quandary in the west - this information is directed at the west but it is universal. The quandary in the west is that the family home needs two people earning money and expanding the economy… it also means that the mother of the children is out at work and not looking after the next generation of the family. It means the father is out at work and not taking care of the emotional responsibilities of being a father. The sons in the house don’t understand what it is to have a father and don’t know how to relate to other men and the daughters of the house are missing their mothers and not getting educated into femininity and motherhood. Both sons and daughters have no frame of reference for relationships between men and women. In general both mothers and fathers are at work, stressed and too busy to truly relate to one another and truly engage in the energy that we speak of… an energy that can push mankind into a whole new level of consciousness.

As man and woman become energized through the woman operating through the feminine and the man through the masculine it will create a whole new world for both sexes. The man feeling confidant and comfortable in his workspace, feeling an inner strength and being able perhaps to open his own business or at least taking on more responsibilities working in the corporate world. The woman being comfortable in the knowledge that her children are growing up in a safe and sane environment, an environment conducive to consciousness. When the woman can greet the man at the door after a day’s work she can help him assimilate the day and vice versa. In many ways the woman is looking after the man’s interests and in many ways the man is looking after her interests which is true family life, a beautiful way to spend life here on earth without difficult stress being brought from the outside world into the family life. The stress can only come from one place and that is childhood… as the children are growing up. If you wish your children to grow up and walk into a stressful world then create a stressful family by all means and if you want your children to grow up to be comfortable, loving, caring and joyful then create a family life that is loving, caring and joyful where the emotional needs of the children are being met.

Children have very little response to material needs and there is a great deal of response to their emotional needs being met… emotional intelligence is far more powerful than intellectual intelligence. Emotional intelligence will get you what you want. We have always said in these channelings that “Life is a feeling, not an intellectual exercise.” If you feel warm, loved and comfortable you will create a life around warmth, love and comfort. If you feel stressed, angry and disconnected then you will create a reality through stress, anger and disconnection.

Please close your eyes and go deep inside… and find within yourself where you are relating in a stressful manner… on the right hand side of your body is the masculine and on the left the feminine. The inner child is a direct reflection of the relationship that your mother and father had. So let’s go and find the child and see how the mother and father are relating and how this has affected the relationship within the child which ultimately is you and your own mental health.

Your own emotional health is a direct reflection of the relationship between your mother and your father. We ask you to envisage the three of you… your father and mother and the child that rests within. We ask that you open your hearts wider and wider and allow love to flow into this threesome… of this threesome who is the one that is continually being rescued? Who is the one who is the victim? Who is the one that perpetrates? You will find that this relationship goes from one to the other to the other. One day the child will be the victim, the next the mother, then the father and so it goes on and on and on and this is the pattern of your life… on and on and on. This is the pattern not only of every individual in this room but is the pattern of human existence. This very day we bring an end to this pattern.

As you see it and understand where it comes from, you can accept your parents’ weaknesses and their strengths, then you can let this pattern go. The perpetrator will reflect the dark side of the warrior energy, the victim will reflect the dark side of the lover energy and the rescuer will reflect the dark side of the magician within you. If these energies were all being directed by the dark side of an inner king or queen there would become a very turbulent world within you, a very dysfunctional relationship within yourself. If there is a problem or a challenge that you have to face and Spirit always brings you challenges, then it would be the king or the queen that would dispatch the magician for wisdom, the lover for compassion and the warrior where a boundary must be drawn.

We ask you to feel the energy of your inner king or queen and allow a great deal of energy to flow to the king or queen within giving yourselves more and more power to direct your lives in the direction you wish to go. In your life your father should be king, your mother queen and you either prince or princess. So allow your inner father to wear a crown and your inner mother to wear a tiara and see to it that that little child is treated as a prince or princess should be. Allow this inner mother and inner father to truly demonstrate their love for their child which in truth is you. Let the child feel and embrace the love and know that it is love. Allow the inner magician to sprinkle magical dust over these three and increase the love more and more, higher and higher and allow your consciousness to expand. Change and dissolve the obstacles in your way in a way that a future king or queen could expect to have them removed. Allow your energy to expand, and dissolve all obstacles in its way… go higher and higher connecting with Christ consciousness and the magical consciousness of the magicians.

Allow the energies to bounce backwards and forwards between the magician and the child. Allow the love of the family to grow stronger and more intense. Where there are barriers allow the intensity and the magic of the intensity to dissolve these barriers allowing a forgiveness of all issues to do with your parents, forgiving yourself for your anger and resentment to the way you were brought up.

Allow this wonderful love energy encapsulated between mother and child to evoke a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, a whole new consciousness, a whole new kingdom, a whole new universe for you to dream.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.


David Brown channeling Kryon




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