Re-birthing: Kryon Style


Close your eyes and go inside and acknowledge any sensations in your body and allow a connection to Mother Earth through the souls of your feet and connect with your own soul. Allow your soul to see these sensations in your body because this is emotion and whatever emotion is in your body at this time, allow your soul and Kryon to work with these emotions and to smooth them out and truly acknowledge what emotion is in your body. However painful it is, acknowledge this emotion and release it. Let the emotions keep coming until you feel the energy becoming like a still mountain lake. Stay with this process for a few moments to clear and to purify and to calm the emotions. Open your hearts to the rest of the group and allow yourselves to receive the unconditional love and transmit your own unconditional love to each member of the group. Once again, if you feel your heart closing or you're struggling with the energy, allow your soul to see this, this resistance in your heart. Allow your soul to work with the resistance as you open your hearts wider and wider, wider and wider because you can only reap true abundance with an open heart.

The room is filling now with love and the angelic realm is joining us this night and your own guides, they are at your feet. As part of this process, allow them to give you a love-wash because they are here in awe and in honour of the work you are doing, because you are dearly loved.

Love is one of the scariest feelings there is, but love is a great power. It is not a willy-nilly or a soppy feeling or energy. It is the most powerful energy in the Universe, for Love is God and God is Love. As you open your heart to love you will feel the power of love filling your every being, your every cell, flicking switches in your DNA because you are now in the Golden Age.

Step by step of the way, in these next few years, you'll cleanse and purify your energies and you'll become stronger and stronger, more and more beautiful and more and more powerful. Once again, this is not a power over but a power with. You'll all become a driving force to change the direction of humanity, forever; to guide humanity along a path to love and joy, not only to bring love and joy into your own hearts, but to all those that surround you.

Now, visualise your friends and your relatives, your family and send love and joy, as an energy from your open heart to theirs. It is their choice as to whether they receive this love but their souls are beaming love back to you in return.

Now, allow yourselves to go even deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and into your psyche and see the path of struggle you have all been on, searching for true balance in your life.

Now, imagine there is a grid of light around your head. What you imagine is the truth, it can only be the truth. Your imagination is your higher self speaking. This is truly what your aura surrounding your head looks like, a grid of light, fine, fine light. Allow this grid to light up.

Now, imagine within your physical mind, your own brain split in half, the right and left, the masculine and feminine. Allow bridges to be built between both sides of your brain, not only between both sides but between all quarters of your brain, making the connection stronger and stronger because in your childhoods you all chose dysfunctional operations of the human brain. You all chose this as a way of avoiding conflict, avoiding fear, avoiding emotion, avoiding the truth of who you really are, a magnificent, magical being of the Universe.

Now, see these bridges anchoring each side of your mind, not only in the physicality, but in the aura and see these connections become wider and wider and see more and more traffic crossing the bridges. If they become jammed, make them wider, make them bigger, put more lanes on and send love to all your thoughts. Bring a smoothness to the mind.

Now, allow your mind to connect with a grid, the Christ Consciousness grid that surrounds Mother Earth, by sending up a column of light to connect yourselves with this grid of Christ Consciousness. All that is known to mankind belongs in that grid around the earth and whatever issue or challenge you're facing, ask for the answers to come. Ask how to purify your own mind, particularly from constant negative thoughts and know that these negative thoughts create a negative reality.

Allow for a purging of any records of negative thought that might be in your mind. It can be thoughts of your mother, father, perhaps a boss at work, whatever, but worst of all, it could be about yourself. Allow a cleansing of all these thought processes. Allow positive thoughts to enter, thoughts of love and caring, to be part of this process; first of all caring for yourself because if you can't care for yourself, how can you care for others?

Allow your vibrations to go higher and higher, and even higher and higher because the negative thoughts can only disintegrate in a high vibration, in a high, high energy. There is only room for impeccable thoughts, thoughts without sin in the higher energies, in the higher realms of love and light. Allow yourself to go to these higher realms of love and light and allow yourself to meet your own soul, maybe your soul is a ball of light or a high-powered energy or maybe you see your soul as a symbol of some type or another. However you see your own soul is meant to be and there will be great significance for you in seeing your own soul as a symbol. Constantly observe your mind and observe the thoughts that go on in your mind because negative thoughts enter and pollute the physical body and if there are negative thoughts within your own being, do not judge these thoughts, just acknowledge them and feel your own body and the sensations in your body these thoughts are creating. You do not truly have to acknowledge these negative thoughts but just feel the negative impact that they're having on your own body because the energy now is set so that you can feel more and more clearly how negative thought patterns are affecting your body, and in certain people this can be creating ill health. So, acknowledge the sensations in your body and allow your soul to work with them and release. And, from where these thought patterns are released, fill your body with beautiful new thought patterns.

Affirm to your own self:

• How much you love and care for yourself.
• How worthy you are.
• How reliable you are.
• How responsible you are.

Allow the positive affirmations to infuse your body, because, as these new thought patterns enter your body, your energies will become stronger and stronger. At this very moment you are claiming your energies from all over the Universe as we work through this issue of negative thought patterns because thoughts are energy. They are light, vibrations, and harmonics. We wish to play ourselves only the most beautiful of tunes; think of ourselves in the most beautiful of light because you're all receiving a great knowledge now and a great understanding and your thoughts are acting faster and faster. As time goes by they will act even faster and faster and you'll manifest even quicker, so it is better to have good thoughts and good manifestation than to have negative manifestation.

Now, go back once again and see the energy that surrounds your mind. This is your true mind as this is a phenomenal energy field surrounding the human body, far more powerful than any computer here on earth to date and for that matter, ever, will be. Allow that knowledge and wisdom to permeate your aura and where there is darkness in your mind, in this energy grid, allow it to be cleansed and purified. Once again, observe the bridges between the right side, the feminine side, of your mind and the masculine side and see the traffic. Now we must ask that the masculine side of your mind and the feminine side of your mind begin to merge and begin to trust one another and begin to love each other. Because there is conflict in the human mind and because of the usual state of humanity, it is safer to keep somebody or something down than allow it to grow and become big. We often do this in our relationships; we keep people small so we feel better about ourselves in many different ways. There are a lot of games that humanity plays, but this is one of the strongest games that keeps humanity so stuck and set in its ways.

So, allow the two minds to merge, to release the struggle and this need to be top dog because there is a great difference between the left hand side of your brain and the right. The one side, the feminine, is soft and nurturing; it revolves in the unknown, whereas the left hand side, the masculine, is far more logical, far more calculating and it thinks of itself to be worldly wise, but that is not so because the left hand side of the mind and the right hand side both need each other and perform at their optimum when they merge together.

This process will bring you great insight into your own lives and a great knowledge and a great understanding. Take yourself back to your childhood and see yourself as a small child, when you decided to stop merging the right and the left hand side of your mind, when you took that decision. Allow your mind to visualise the day that this happened and allow your mind to reverse this process. As you envisage this child, ensure that everything is working beautifully around this child, your inner child, and see that the decision to do with your thought patterns and your thinking mind are in alignment with your divine-self and not your ego-self because in opening your mind in this way, you are opening yourself to a whole new world, a world of love and of beauty, of thought and excitement, of creativity beyond your wildest dreams.

Now, allow yourself to go back in time to the day you were born. Feel the feelings, the sensations that are in your body and acknowledge the truth of what you felt like on your first day here on Earth. Acknowledge all those emotions and release.

Allow your guides and your soul to help you with this journey as you go back in time, in your own lifetime, back to a time when your mother was eight months pregnant. Once again, allow for the sensations to enter your body and connect with the emotions and the feelings, and feel what your parent's relationship was, at that stage in your development. Acknowledge and release.

Now to seven months, when your mother was seven months pregnant. Allow any sensations and feelings to come and enter your body, how does your mother feel? Allow yourself to connect with your mother's heart, allow yourselves to feel that heart beating, has your mother got an open or a closed heart? However your mother's heart is, take your own power and send love to her heart and really connect and see your mother's heart.

Now, go back in time to when your mother was six months pregnant. Once again allow yourselves to feel all the sensations, all the emotions, what is your mother going through? How does she feel? Does she want a boy? Does she want a girl? What does your father want? Does he want a boy? Does he want a girl? And, how do you feel about the way they're thinking? About their wants and their needs, their hopes and their desires. Will you be born for them to live their lives through or have they got lives of their own?

On the side of the father, is this a male thing? Is he doing it to prove his maleness? Or is he doing it because he wants to bring a beautiful child into the world? Involve yourself in all the truths around your own birth.

Go back now, to when your mother was five months pregnant. There is nothing much she can do about it now. She's decided to go the full term. Does she feel resentful? Has she made a good decision? Does she feel nervous or excited? Worried or concerned?

Now, to four months pregnant. Allow the feelings to come into your body and observe your parent's relationship.

Now to three months pregnant, how's your mother feeling now? Maybe you're the first-born. This is one of the reasons that woman are so open to Spirit because they have to trust this journey, having a child within themselves. It brings in a natural trust for a woman to trust the world and to believe that this small child will be born perfect in every way.

Now, two months pregnant and how's your mother feeling now? What feelings are in your body? What emotion is there? Is your mother hoping that this pregnancy will go away? Still unsure, does the father know? Has she told him yet? Has she told anyone yet? What is in your mothers' heart? Is she feeling anxiety? Nervousness? Tension?

Now, back to one month pregnant, hoping she's pregnant, hoping she's not, what thoughts are in her mind?

Now, back in time to the time of conception. Feel how the lovemaking was, the passion, did these two people love each other? Was it just a night of sex? Maybe a night of drunkenness, who knows? A weak moment, or maybe it was strong and powerful and virile lovemaking. Allow yourself to connect with that night of passion because there is a great significance in the energy that brought you to Earth.

Now, go even further back in time, to the time you were writing your contracts with your parents. Look down from a cloud, a beautiful cloud with a silver lining, from the heavens above, and see your parents on the day you chose them and see all the reasons that you chose them. Acknowledge all your lessons.

Now, allow your parents to be healed. So, bring Mother Mary in and Merlin and Christ or who ever works best for you. Teach your father what it's like to be a man, a father and a husband and all the secrets of the Universe and the truth of who he really is. And turn your father into a man of soul consciousness and let Mother Mary do the same with your mother, teach her what it is to be a woman, to be a mother and to be a wife.

Now, see both your mother and father as pure soul beings and allow for that energy to engage and to permeate their beings.

Now, come back to that night of conception and feel what the lovemaking is all about now, with two soul beings making passionate love to one another. Now, see yourself one month from conception and feel how life is now.

Go to two months and see how your parents' relationship is now and see how you feel. Is this a wanted child? Observe the feelings at three months.

And four months, allow these feelings to integrate into your own bodies, to change the cells and DNA because this is re-birthing, Kryon style.

Now to five months and on to six months. Feel the love and the beauty that surrounds you and the beautiful energies.

And seven months, see where your parents are planning to give birth to you. Maybe it is in the ocean with the dolphins or the whales or some special place, in a special manner, truly fitting for humanity and for yourself.

Now eight months, feel the feelings of these two parents of a soul consciousness, anxiously awaiting your birth.

Now to the day of your birth. Feel your soul really entering your body and feel what it is like to enter the realms of this beautiful planet. Maybe the angels are around the bedside or wherever, but feel what it is like to be born into pure love, and feel what it is like to be held in your mothers arms for the first time ever, with your father stood by her side, loyal and supporting both mother and child. Allow the love of this energy to enter your own hearts. When you're ready come back slowly to waken consciousness.


David Brown channeling Kryon




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