Warrior Energy


Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you today; this is a time of power and this is a time of honour.

Spirit knows no borders and no boundaries. There are more and more people around the globe who truly understand what is going on and as a result their lives are changing. People are becoming more and more connected to the earth, their lives are changing and their emotions are being healed and brought into balance; there is structure entering these peoples lives, a firm solid foundation for growth and for holding the energies of those around them. This is a great new way to be.

In August 2003 Mars has been closest to the Earth since 73,000 years. Mars is the planet that signifies action, the energy of the warrior. On the dark side of Mars it means war, but the warrior, the true warrior, does not mean war. The warrior ensures that boundaries are drawn and that what belongs to the individual is held by the individual and returned to the individual. People in the New Age have very little warrior energy.

We have the honour of announcing that the warrior energy is alive, it is free and it is within your energy field.

You will learn to accept the warrior, draw the line and take back what belongs to you. You will learn to respect your own authority; authority meaning to have the final word where you are in authority and maintaining that authority and maintaining that respect around yourself.

You will have the courage and the strength to stand up for what is right; you will be able to express what you believe in, what you believe to be the truth, what you know to be the truth. You will be endowed with the knowledge and power to express yourself, not only orally but the energy around you will express your beliefs and this energy as of tonight will be multiplied fifty fold thereby diluting the darkness that surrounds you and holding your power and your significant strength.

Today you shed the energies that don’t belong to you and allow yourself to become more and more of yourself and less and less of who you are socially conditioned to be. You will be given the strength and the power by Spirit to hold the energy of who you are meant to be on this planet and to resolve whatever conflict has been going on within your own aura, your own sphere in your personality. As that light is enhanced your energies will be cranked up and there will be less and less of your shadow to be able to trip you up on your life’s journey. There will be more energy of love and light. The warrior energy supports love and light. Love and light come initially with draw backs, but once fully integrated into your body you will find much more enjoyment, love, and light and much more play in your lives.

Close your eyes and go inside and find what special gift you bring to earth; allow the gift to enter and to grow in your own heart and find a time in your own childhoods where you were enjoying this gift. There are many gifts hidden in the darkness of your heart, hidden in the grief of some perhaps unpleasant happenings in your own lives. Tonight you are held in an energy where you can go and find that gift, where the grief can dissolve and where your hearts can expand and evolve into a situation where you can receive the love that you truly dream of.

Where there is grief in your life acknowledge the grief and allow it to come into your body, and expand all through your body. Grief is an all encompassing emotion; it will cover your soul like a blanket. It will not be in one specific space and it will be endowed by shame and supported by guilt, confusion, lack of understanding and many more unfathomable ways of thinking. This way of thinking is totally out of context with your Divine mind. Once your Divine mind is truly connected, this kind of energy cannot prevail in your bodies, even deeply suppressed. Allow for an energetic clearing of the grief and shadow that hides the gift that you bring to earth; a special gift of love, light, joy, freedom, play and excitement. It will be mostly love, for love is a connection to the Divine. The Divine is love and love has many, many expressions.

Allow this energy to hold you in a space where you can release whatever is in your bodies. Allow your bodies to soften and heal; allow your wounds to open and any shame around warrior energy to be cleansed by Spirit this night.

Perhaps there has been a time in your life where you have used the warrior energy in the wrong context, this may have left a feeling of guilt or shame; acknowledge this and release it.

There is always a time for warrior energy; the warrior should cut in and out of your energy as required without any shame or guilt, while recognizing your own space, your own truth and your own personal power.

The warrior should not be used to suppress you, that would be the shadow warrior - or to suppress others; if you have this state of being in your body then you can understand metaphysically that you could be suppressed in turn by others and you would become a source of problems for yourself and others around you.
Look inside and find the person who suppresses your energy, who takes energy away from you, making life uncomfortable for you and making your energy wax and wane like the moon. If this person or type of person is prolifically in your life then you will not be able to build the life you truly ask, wish for and dream about. This person can make it look as if he is doing you only good but once you look deeper and deeper into the psychology of both yourself and the other person you will realise that your energy is being suppressed.

We ask you to feel the energy of suppression in your body. This energy does not really allow you to do what you want with your life and you will always feel held down. This energy can be found three quarters of the way down in your heart suppressing the energy of power coming up from your solarplexus. You will feel this energy presses down quarter of the way up into your heart and all the way down into your base chakra disconnecting you from Mother Earth and from whatever you wish to manifest through Mother Earth. This energy is normally passed through from generation to generation, mother to son; it is found in both genders but the people who have the most difficulty with this suppressive energy are adult males; they have a warlike tendency to get what they want out of life or what they think they want. These people can be termed as tyrants of one type or another, tyrannically taking out of life what they want from others.

What we are here to do this night is to make you aware of this energy within yourself and allow you to release this energy and also make you aware of who is suppressing your own life so that you can either disconnect from this person or so that you can handle this person in some other way so that that person no longer becomes a problem to you.

Dear Ones, your Spirituality is playing a great role here; you are co-creating a whole new world with Spirit, a world that is driven from the heart centre of each and every single human being; a world that is based in fairness, integrity, honesty and in love.

What Consciousness means is becoming conscious of who you really are, it is nothing else. Consciousness is a very special gift; first of all you become conscious of the patterns that don’t work for you, second of all you become conscious of ways and methods of new life skills to change your life and enhance your energy field releasing the old patterns and placing new patterns in your life, patterns that enhance you and allow you to evolve, to love more, to become more energetic, more alive, more free, to give you what you want, what you choose to have in this world. Your first choice should be based on feelings. Happiness is a feeling, love is a feeling, joy is a feeling and freedom is a feeling. All these are states of being and if you don’t have them within your psychology, your biology, you have a state of suppression.
Acknowledge the suppression within yourselves; acknowledge why you cannot expand and why this feeling of suppression does not allow you to expand into the person that you really want to be. Acknowledge who is suppressing you and release yourself from this person in whichever way you choose and set yourselves free on a course to being fully realized and in a state of your own Divinity.

You are energetic dynamos for healing the world. You are far greater than you can ever imagine but all that is stopping your greatness is a mere feeling of suppression. Acknowledge the suppression – each on of you - acknowledge your suppression - wherever it comes from, acknowledge it. Each individual acknowledge your suppression and take the action in your life to truly release this feeling of suppression.

There is a great deal of resistance in acknowledging suppression; once you acknowledge your suppression you have to acknowledge how truly great you are, how truly amazing humankind is. You will have to acknowledge how big your hearts are, you will have to acknowledge your capacity to love and to be loved. You will have the capacity to have the relationships that you truly want. You will have the capacity to interact and interrelate with a person of the opposite sex in a way that you always dreamed of.

Money is not the answer; your feelings are the answer to your own freedom. Acknowledge the feelings and set yourself free to live in love and light. The Mars energy brings the capacity to stand up for yourselves; the capacity to take from life what you really want; the boundaries around you to allow you to open up your hearts to receive the love that you really want and also to know exactly where to give the love.

Your love should be focused, focused on your dream. Walking from A - B not from A to Z to Y to X and then to B. In being waylaid along the way you are denying the planet your greatness, your love, your capacity to feel, your capacity to bring the Divine and connect it here on Mother Earth.

There is a new world beginning. A world where there will be freedom and love for all. Allow the energy of freedom and love for all to enter your bodies and feel the true beauty of freedom and love in your own hearts and in your own minds.

We will lift this room to the energy of freedom and love that is expected within the next three to four years here on planet earth. We invite you to sit in this energy and to allow this energy to clear the resistance in its way.

You are the leaders of the New Age. You chose it, it is your contract; you will only find love and joy by living in your contract. Know your contract, know your mission and live it. We leave you in this energy. It is approximately 80% and moving up… as the energy increases you will find it perhaps unsettling - wherever there is expansion and growth there are pains to be dealt with. Feel it now as the energy hits 95%... and the energy begins to smooth out. Now the energy is at approximately 100%.

This is how the energy will feel 2007. Now we will hold any feelings of pain or discomfort in your body... most of you are now being held in this energy. You will have worked through all your issues in four years time to maintain this vibration. Allow yourselves to see your future and what your future holds...

This is Kryon signing out on a very high vibration.

Go well, God Bless, take care; we honour your journey and we honour your path. You have all made great strides in your life. Honour yourselves and love yourselves. And so it is.


David Brown channeling Kryon




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