Steve Rother

"Here at Lightworker we will not tell you which way to turn or if you are right or wrong as those concepts are an illusion of the polarity that we are now leaving. What we will offers is a view of humanity from the perspective of spirit, not to help you ascend off the Earth, but rather to help you have a wonderful human experience while you are here."

The Lightworker website features the Beacons of Light, which are monthly messages from the Group channeled by Steve Rother.


144 Points Of Light

5th Dimensional Hugs

Awakening The Crystal Children

Death Of A Star

Orthogonal Matrix

The Crystal Portals

The Harmonic Concordance

The Lemurian Energy Reservoir

The Miracle

The Second Moon Of Atlantis




Ascension Love Spirituality

Ascension Love Spirituality

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