Sal Rachele


Sal Rachele

"This site features articles by Sal; channeled messages from Leah the Venusian, the Arcturians, Lord Sananda, the archangels, the Founders, and others; as well as meditations, readings, healings, music downloads, links to spiritual communities, sites offering spiritual guidance, and more."

Sal Rachele's website features articles, a newsletter, and quality channelings. (I liked the Leah channelings most - give them a read!)


Leah on Airy-Fairy New Agey Sugary Fluff

Leah On Love That Moves Mountains

Leah On Love Thy Enemies

Leah On Male-Female Relationships

Leah On Open And Honest Communication

Leah On Sacred Sexuality - Part 1

Leah On Sacred Sexuality - Part 2

Lord Sananda On Accuracy Of Channeled Messages

Lord Sananda On Channeled Messages

The Arcturians On The Mechanics Of Channeling




Ascension Love Spirituality

Ascension Love Spirituality

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