Star Quest


Ronna Herman

"Ronna Herman is internationally known as a channel for Archangel Michael. She brings Archangel Michael's messages of hope and inspiration to many thousands each year.

A retired business executive and real estate broker, Ronna provides a common sense approach to metaphysics. She teaches what she knows, having struggled with many of the same lessons others face in their journey to wholeness."

Star Quest features Archangel Michael's messages through Ronna Herman, books and various products.


It Is Time To Lighten Up

A Day In The Life Of A Master

A Golden Opportunity

Living In An Ascended State Of Consciousness

A Cosmic Viewpoint Of Creation And Evolution

Create Your Perfect Reality

Change Your Perception Of Love

Connecting With Your Council Of Light

Creating A Formula For The Future

High Level Positions Available - Apply Within




Ascension Love Spirituality

Ascension Love Spirituality

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