Michael Lamas

"Michael Lamas is dedicated to becoming better person by being kinder - more spiritually human. Spiritual-human relationships represent the first glimpse of how a truly New Civilization can operate. Every time we create a relationship like this, we are one step closer to manifesting a wonderful new world - which is needed now, perhaps more than ever. This builds a human Group Consciousness."

The Starbuilders website by Michael Lamas is a vast depository of spiritual knowledge. Michael's style of writing is interesting and engaging; exploring unique perspectives with clarity of thought. His articles are often accompanied by beautiful and fitting images (unfortunately omitted from the writings below).


Heart Temples And A New Species

Prophets And Demons And Gods, Oh My!

The Family Of Light

Intimate Relationships

Relationships And The Human Body

Stupid Galileo

The Spearhead Of Spiritual Evolution

Levels Of Spiritual Evolution I

Levels Of Spiritual Evolution II

Levels Of Spiritual Evolution III




Ascension Love Spirituality

Ascension Love Spirituality

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