The Hathors


Tom Kenyon

"Tom Kenyon is also a channel for the Hathors, Masters of Love and Sound. The Hathors are a group of inter-dimensional beings who come from an ascended intergalactic civilization. As they once helped ancient Egypt and Tibet, they have now returned to assist humanity's current evolution."

Tom Kenyon's website features articles and channelings from the Hathors, along with downloadable audio files with a clear and articulate voice.


A Catalytic And Volatile Phase Of Global Transformation

A Planetary Wave Of Conscious Ecstasy

Earth Changes & Holons

Ecstasy And The Heart

Ecstatic States And The Evolution Of Higher Consciousness

Healing From Cancer

Siddhis And The Powers Of Consciousness

The Alchemy Of Relationship

Truth And Lies In Global Politics And The Push For Higher Evolution

Wave-like Pulsations Of Energy




Ascension Love Spirituality

Ascension Love Spirituality

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